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Open Studio is available to current REVOLT students. Students may only work on apparatuses that they are currently training at REVOLT (within one class session).
Open studio is available to seasoned and visiting performers on a case by case basis. Please contact us at for approval.*

For AERIAL: Open Studio, let us know which apparatus you would like to train (one apparatus per session). Please email us your decision in advance @
If you would like to bring in Outside Equipment, please refer below for pre-approval.*

All persons who come to practice must read, acknowledge, and abide by the following rules:
  • Open Studio is unsupervised and will not have an instructor available. This is a shared space for students to train on their own, please be mindful of others and refrain from loud noises or disruptive behaviors.
  • If you are wearing earbuds while training, please keep the volume low enough that REVOLT staff is easily able to get your attention if necessary.
  • Open Studio is only available on apparatuses you are currently training. Students cannot try new apparatuses during this time.
  • Students may train tricks they have previously learned (with the exception of drops). This is not the time to try new tricks or to work through something you’re not comfortable with. If you cannot train it without a spot, do not train it in Open Studio.
  • Drops are prohibited during Open Studio without pre-approval or instructor supervision.
  • Students are not allowed to teach others under any circumstance. This is known as skill-trading or skill-sharing, and is strictly prohibited.
  • Crash mats must be used under all aerial apparatuses with no exceptions.
  • For safety reasons, our studio has strict rules against self-rigging. All rigging must be done by REVOLT staff. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule due to safety reasons.
  • Please review general studio policies & FAQs regarding studio conduct, etc. as they also apply to individuals during Open Studio.
  • REVOLT staff members have the final word on safety. If a staff member at any time has concerns about your ability to complete a trick safely, they are within their rights to ask you to cease attempting the trick(s). If the staff have repeated concerns about your safety you may be asked to no longer attend Open Studio.
  • Open Studio is a privilege, not a right, and individuals who have trouble following the above guidelines may be asked not to attend Open Studio.




All outside equipment must be in good condition, from reputable dealers, and pre-approved for use. If you’d like to bring in outside equipment for Open Studio, please use the following Google Form to apply:

Once your equipment has been approved, please feel free to book Open Studio sessions and email us at when you intend to use your approved apparatus.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to Open Studio to ensure our staff is able to rig your apparatus in time. For safety reasons, we do not allow self-rigging and we cannot rig once Open Studio has commenced. There will be no exceptions to this policy, so please plan accordingly. If you are late and we are unable to rig your apparatus, the session will count as a late cancellation and you will forfeit your Open Studio credit.


All cancellations must be done through WellnessLiving online, the mobile app, or via the cancellation link provided in your original booking confirmation email.*

Early Cancellation (12 hours+): Cancellations at least 12 hours prior to class will be penalty-free and the class credit will be returned to you for future use.
Late Cancellation (<12 Hours): Cancellations less than 12 hours prior to class will result in a forfeited class credit.
No Shows (No Cancellation): No shows without proper cancellation will result in a forfeited class credit and a no show fee of $15 charged.


We have a strict no spectator policy at REVOLT. This is to ensure the comfort and privacy of all of our students while they enjoy Open Studio. Students enrolled in Open Studio and REVOLT staff will be the only ones allowed to enter during session.


Our mission is to provide a safe, inclusive space for all identities to explore individual creativity and movement through pole and aerial arts. We invite everyone to come fly with us and share your journey! #revoltatx #flywithoutfear


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